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Don't lose sleep. How to foolproof(ish) yourself against April Fool's Day pranks, the night before.

April Fool’;s Day is sure fun for the pranksters. But what about the prankees – the victims of all this tomfoolery?

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Don’;t lose sleep worrying about which family member or friend is out to get you and where. (It was Colonel Mustard with a candlestick in the library.) We’;ll let you in on some of the most common creative pranks throughout the house – and show you how to protect yourself from the best of them!

Let’;s face it – all the tricks will begin after you go to bed. So if you want to be proactive, you have to secure yourself from the outside in! Let’;s start in the kitchenmost popular housewarming gifts, where a sleepy midnight snack might catch you unaware.

Best yet, try to barricade yourself in the bedroom, if possible — and skip the middle-of-the-night bathroom or kitchen breaks – unless the prankster is sleeping next to you. Then all bets are off!

If you’;re looking for some more fun facts, watch this video to see what 1 in 4 couples surprisingly do. Are you one of them?

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