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Hi, everyone! Happy Monday!

Back when I used to live in New England, I would experience super cold temperatures during the fall season. Personally, I didn’;t enjoy the chilly weather at all, haha! Now that?I’;m living in California –; which is straight up sunshine for 24/7! ?I have a really hard time tracking the seasons (last year it barely?rained during winter time, so you can imagine my struggle 😅;).

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With that being said, I think it’;s safe to say that I really miss the Fall festivities. There’;s just something fun and warm about the Fall that I love so much! It’;s crazy how I hated it when I was living in New England, but now, Fall is the exact thing that I’;m craving! So today I’;m going to share with you guys a few Fall decorations and DIYs you can create for your home. ?Do note! These aren’;t your super traditional decors, I gave everything a more contemporary approach since that’;s what i’;m currently into.


This DIY is a great way to add some warmth to your entryway, and is perfect for welcoming in this Fall season!


Foam Pumpkin— You can purchase this at your local craft store!

Craft Moss— You can also purchase this at your local craft store! Buy a bag big enough so that you have enough material to cover the rim of the pumpkin once the top is carved off.

Craft Glue/Hot Glue— I would recommend using craft glue, but if you already have hot glue at home it will work just the samemost popular housewarming gifts, you’;ll just have to glue on portions of the craft moss section by section.

Succulent Pot— Make sure that when you’;re buying your succulents (or flower pot) that it’;s small enough to fit inside the foam pumpkin!


For this Pumpkin Planter DIY, I’;m going to use a foam pumpkin.

Start off by taking the pumpkin and carving the top open

Once you’;re done carving, you’;re going to take a some craft moss and glue it around the rim of your pumpkin!

After you’;re finished applying craft glue to the rim of the pumpkin, apply the craft moss onto the rim by folding the edges inward (if you’;re going to use hot glue, you’;ll have to apply the craft moss section by section so that the hot glue dries properly and the craft moss is secure)!

Once the moss is secure and the glue is dry, you can use a cute set of succulents or some flowers (yellow, red or orange flowers are perfect for the Fall time) and place that pot inside the pumpkin! Make sure that when you’;re purchasing both the foam pumpkin and the flower/succulent pot that the pot is small enough to fit?properly into the pumpkin!


If you know me then you know how much I love the marble design! This is the perfect way to contemporize?your home without sacrificing the holiday spirit!


Foam Pumpkin— I used a foam pumpkin for this DIY, but you can also use a real pumpkin if you like!

White Spray Paint— You can purchase this at your local home improvement or craft store!

Acrylic Paint— Acrylic and/or craft paint both work for this DIY. You’;ll need white and black to create different shades of grey as well as a gold metallic paint if you’;d like to paint your pumpkin’;s stem at the end of the DIY.

Thin-tipped Paint Brush— You can purchase this at your local craft store!

Sponge— You can either by a paint sponge, or you can cut out a corner of a kitchen sponge and create your own makeshift paint sponge!


Start off by spray-painting your pumpkin with a base color! I use white because I feel like it gives the best effect when trying to marbleize.After your base color has dried, move on to mixing your acrylic or craft paint! Lightly mix together your paints and create 2-3 shades of grey!

Then with a thin-tipped paint brush, create “;squiggly”; lines on your pumpkin! The less perfect, the more realistic! As you can see in my video or in the images below, my countertop is actual marble slate! There are lines all over, of all different shades of grey and there’;s no real pattern to the design— it’;s truly abstract.

Next, lightly dip a damp sponge into a light grey paint and lightly smudge the sponge onto the lines that you previously created as well as the surrounding area. I know it’;s a little confusing since you worked so hard on your abstract lines, but the smudging affect helps achieve the marble look!

After that, go back in with the thin brush and add dark grey and black paint onto your old lines as well as in places on your pumpkin that you feel need more contrast!

Lastly, you can paint the stem on your pumpkin a metallic gold for a more modern feel!


This DIY is definitely special to me. It’;s one of a kind and is the perfect, contemporary centerpiece that you can use even beyond the Fall season! There’;s nothing better than a piece of art that you created on your own! Not only is it a great conversation starter for when you have guests over, but it’;s also something that can inspire you while you’;re at home! Don’;t get discouraged if you’;ve never painted.

You don’;t have to be a professional to create this DIY, you just have to be creative!


One Blank Canvas—?You’;ll need one blank canvas, any size of your choice! You can purchase this at your local craft store!

Variety of Paints—?You’;ll need at least 4-5 acrylic paints, choose any color you like! You can also purchase these at your local craft store!

Two Paint Brushes—?I used a thin-tipped paint brush as well as a large fluffy paint brush for this video, but use whichever size you’;re comfortable working with.


Start off with any base color your desire! I personally love neutrals and shades of grey, and since my couch is grey, I’;m using this neutral color palette so that I can bring my living room together! It all really matters on your personal preference as well as the current colors that are already in your living room!

You don’;t have to paint any particular image or design, just put on your favorite playlist and paint with your feelings!

Try using the different brushes to achieve different brush strokes! Be playful with your painting, it’;s perfectly okay!

For my painting, I wanted to add some gold accents. If you’;re into shimmer, gold gilding is the perfect way to add some shine to your painting! You’;ll need some gilding adhesive and gold foil sheets!

Begin by placing the adhesive onto your desired areas and wait about 2-3 minutes for the adhesive to become sticky.

Once your glue is tacky, place the gold foil sheets on top! Then use a card or something with a hard, solid flat surface to rub the foil onto the adhesive. Slowly and gently peel off the adhesive backing off the gold foil.

My first attempt was a little disastrous, but after your first try you get a hang of how to work with the gold foil, and you can continue by using your hand to press the gold foil into place, scattering the foil in different areas of your painting and ultimately create your own personal design!


I had some feathers left over from a previous project and I thought that it’;d be great to play with the feathers and transform them into Fall décor! This is a really delicate way to dress up your mantel, and is a great DIY for those of you that don’;t like tedious DIYs and want something easy!


Feathers— I use white solid-colored feathers that I purchased from the craft store, but you can use any color you like. You can also opt for cutting your own paper feathers, which I’;ve created before in a previous DIY video!

Acrylic/Metallic Paint— Again, the color or sheen of your paint is completely based on your personal preference! For this video I used a gold, metallic paint!

String— You can purchase this at your local craft store.

Tape/Tacks— You’;ll need either strong tape or tacks to secure the garland in place.


Start off with some white feathers (you can use any color you like, or even opt for paper feathers, which I’;ve made in a previous DIY!).

With a paint brush, dip into your craft or metallic paint and lightly dab the paint onto the bottom of your feathers. Be creative with this design and don’;t be afraid to add small accents to sides of your feather! Each one is unique in it’;s own way!

Then cut out a string (the length will depend on where you’;re going to hang your garland/banner) and loop each feather onto the string, spacing them about five inches apart.?These are lightweight so you can use tape to hold the banner up, but if you have something sturdier like a tack, I would recommend using that for a more secure hold!


I truly love the fireplace that I have in my home, but living in California means it’;s way too hot to turn on for most of the year. If you’;re in the same position as me or would like to create your own makeshift fireplace, you can create the same warm ambience with a set of beautiful lanterns!


Candle Lanterns—?You can purchase these at any of your local craft stores. I purchased my candles and lanterns at JoAnn’;s!


You can purchase these lanterns at your local Target, Home Goods or JoAnn’;s (I purchased my lanterns from JoAnn’;s!).

Buy the lanterns and candles in different sizes for a contemporary effect!

Light them up at night, and turn off your lights so you can enjoy the peaceful, serene feeling all with the same sensation as a fireplace!

What are your favorite Fall festivities? Whether it’;s roasting s’;mores or just sitting by the fireplace, I’;d love to know in the comments below! The Fall season is so beautiful and hearing about your guys’; Fall pastimes or favorite Fall DIYs is a great way for all of us to get into the Fall festivities! Thank you again for reading 💕;🍂;



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