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Usually we overlook the design maintenance of our home office and instead leave it as this perfunctory room, there just to do work and sometimes this makes it very boring and stagnate. And how is this going to affect our work, if we come in everyday to the same office, the same design and look and feel? It seems like it's not very conducive to work and productivity might go down.

So why not have some fun with the home office and get into one of the newest design trends. You're square! That's actually not true, but your office can be. There is a fun new trend in interior design and it's all about being square. Square furnituremost popular housewarming gifts, square furniture placement (remember it's about sharp angles and open spaces in the centre) and simple square accessories. There are a variety of items you can place in your office to accomplish this and, like any other room, the great thing is that it is meant to only be a few pieces.

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Not only does this draw more attention to the items, but it doesn't provide any sort of overkill and gaudiness. It allows the visitor to take notice and contemplate and this is a huge element of contemporary and newer design trends. What to square? There are some items which probably stand out in an home office. Books are key and important and having square shelf framing on the wall, without brackets and invisibly attached, will allow you to place books in the centre and have some much need blank space on the outside which draws the viewer to the objects inside.

Other great pieces to place in these centres are any statues or especially any awards that are free standing. By all means show them on and, if you have only 2 or 3 the most, to present them like this really makes them stand-out. Pieces of furniture can be square and you only need one or two the most to make the look happen, so it is not expensive. What about a small square table where you might place files and paper as part of a to do pile, or to review pile? Or a square stool to put your feet up on when you're contemplating something or taking a break from the work?

Having some 'life' in the office is a good idea, a large potted plant is going to give the environment some spirit and this large vase or pot it sits in can be square. Opt for square shaped office rugs, wooden Venetian blinds rather than ready made curtains, to keep all the details in your office within the design style. As with any part of this trend, it's about picking out a few items that accomplish it. And it is great for your home office – you'll be extra excited about your office and working in it and your productivity will only increase!

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