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I just love seeing what the TCL Creative Contributors will come up with month after month! Colleen from Lemon Thistle created these?DIY Gold Foil St. Patrick’;s Day Prints that I think you’;ll want to use year round. Decorating for St. Patrick’;s Day and other holidays are always much easier with framed printables and these DIY Gold Foil St. Patrick’;s Day Prints are perfect for framing!

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funny cushion covers

Hello you lovely?Today’;s Creative Blog readers, Colleen here from Lemon Thistle (home to DIY, parties, home decormost popular housewarming gifts, and babies). Today I’;m bringing you these classy DIY hand lettered gold foil prints which are perfect for upcoming Saint Patrick’;s Day! Oh, you don’;t really do hand lettering? That’;s alright, I’;ve got your back! I’;ve created two free printable hand lettered templates for you to foil over- ‘;Stay Gold’;, and ‘;I’;m so Lucky’;. And by using liquid gold foil, you can finish this project start to finish in less than an hour, without any mess! ??

I chose these two quotes because they’;re a good fit for St Pat’;s without being about leprechauns, and I love them so much that they can stay up all year long (bonus!). I only have one frame that fits them right now, so I’;ll need to pick up another- I just switched them out to snap some photos for you. Right now I have the ‘;Stay Gold’; one in there- it’;s my favourite!

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Get started by picking which print you’;d like to create (or choose both!). To download scroll down to the bottom. Both are PDFs which will print in black and white on a standard sized sheet of paper. I printed mine on standard printer paper (laser is best, or the ink will bleed with the liquid foil), but card stock would make for a more permanent piece of art, it would also be easier to seal. Once you’;ve printed your templates, mist them a few times with a clear spray sealer. Make sure you cover the whole page, if you miss a part, the liquid gold leaf will bleed and you’;ll need to start over.

When your paper is dry (it dries really quick!), you can get started painting your gold leaf on. Liquid gold leaf is amazing- it’;s gold in a jar, I tell ya! I found mine on sale at Michaels for $2.99, plus I was able to use a 20% off coupon (score!), it’;s usually around $12. Shake it really well before opening, then using a very fine brush, paint over your template, carefully covering all of the black ink. Let it dry completely before handling. Then admire how much it shines in the light!

That’;s all there is to it! Now all you need to do is frame that shining piece of art! Then you can tell all your friends that you made it yourself, because really- that’;s impressive! I’;d love to hear from you…; do you decorate for Saint Patrick’;s Day? Which quote is your favourite?

Click the Images to download.

Enjoy your DIY Gold Foil St. Patrick’;s Day Prints year after year.

St. Patrick’;s Day Soda and Beer Bottle Labels

I grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch country. My mom spoke "Dutch" to her brothers and sisters and lots of Dutch words and phases were used when they spoke English to us kids. ( In case you don't know about Pennsylvania Dutch - it is really a German dialect and not Dutch at all!) Schnibble (pronounced shnibble - rhymes with kibble) means a little bit of something - so it could be little bits of fabric for this quilt or little bits of paper when you cut out something or little bits of yarn or... almost anything else. The German dictionary lists the word schnippelche as a noun meaning snip, but growing up we always pronounced it schnibble...so I'm using my version.This quilt is based on string pieced quilts, but?I use the construction of each block for the "quilting." As you sew on the schnibbles, you are quilting each block. You then sew all the quilted blocks together to make a full size reversable quilt.?I have attached?photos of 2 quilts. One is made?up of 25 blue cotton ?blocks and fits on my queen size bed, the second is 16 blocks and is a lap quilt made of? purple corduroy fabrics.?

Today is my stop on the ?Quick Column Quilts?book blog hop, and I’m going to share with you a project that I made from the book. ? I’ve been crazy busy running around for the last 6 weeks or so, and it was nice to just sit down and sew something for fun.

I always have trouble storing my smartphone in the pockets of my jeans or shirt. It is almost necessary to wear some kind of jacket to safely carry my phone. Here is a solution I think works. A phonepouch on your belt. This one is made of some old T shirt scraps and a bike innertube.?extra-extra second edition second photograph shows a revised edition, witch looks a lot "cleaner". More photo's and remarks on several steps marked: "extra-extra, second edition"

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