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A decade of living the contemporary white box and we have finally given in! Modern and minimal is very nice style to look at but it have proved a little too sterile to live in plus, it is a nightmare to keep clean! With our senses crying out for something to engage them, glamorous interiors are back with Art Deco &; Hollywood glitz acting as the main inspirations behind the interior trend that is about to brighten up our lives in a big, big way.

Glamour is such a broad category and the really great thing about it is that can be classic or contemporary, glamorous or understated, timeless or trendy. Oversized &; striking ornaments; glossy &; fluffy textures; luxurious &; lush textiles; metallic &; shiny finishes define the look.? The colour scheme can be simple and monochrome ala rococo style or classic Hollywood filled with combinations of goldmost popular housewarming gifts, ivory, red, deep purple, chocolate and black - offset by shimmering pearls or sparkling crystals.

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Fans of the contemporary can opt for a palette of black, silver and white paired with pink and pearl, porcelain blue or emerald turquoise. Glass and reflective surfaces are the order of the day in terms of furniture and ornaments, whereas textiles are soft and feminine- lace, leather, silk, feather, velvet and satin are all featuring strongly at present. Patterns and accessories take inspiration from Japanese art or Egyptian and classic ornamentation - shapes &; images of palms, bamboos, lilies, cherry-twigs and classicist details add some elegant touches.?You really can take your pick with this style.

Though lots of choice could never be considered a bad thing, glamour as a theme can be a little overwhelming. The trick is to decide on a budget and a style as early as possible then stick to them rigidly throughout the makeover no matter what catches your eye! Of course you want opulence, but harmony is also essential. When deciding on what style is best for you, take into account the period in which your home was built, the function of the room to be decorated and the overall feel of your home.

Then choose two colours and one balancing colour - work with these (or shades of them) on most of your décor. Choose some luxurious (metallic or patterned) wallpaper that would suit your colour scheme and choose one wall as your feature wall. Covering only the one wall will maintain proportion in an average sized room and prevent the style from overwhelming the space. Choose similarly patterned/coloured curtain fabric to match your walls.

If a new collection of furniture is a little too pricey, swapping old cupboard handles for glass or jewelled versions and covering settees with velvet throws will help spruce things up.

Lighting in a glamorous scheme is of the utmost importance- use it to properly showcase your scheme. Chandeliers and glass cylinders work well in a classic setting. Table lamps and candles can also create a relaxed ambiance. Classic candelabra and tall vintage or modern glass candlesticks are also essential elements. In a contemporary setting use spotlights to pick out areas of importance.

Going green is not just about being eco-conscious, or at least it doesn't have to be. In fact, there are numerous ways to incorporate the colour green into your home's décor to create a lively and inviting space that makes it a pleasure to come home every night. Perhaps the best way to 'go green' is to merge the indoors with the outdoors and a great way to do this is with plants. Plants and flowers signify growth, health and bring beauty into an otherwise bland and lifeless space.

If you have followed me for a while, you know I have twin girls and that their room is…well…super girly. You can check out their “big girl” room reveal here. But those that know me well know that I have a LOVE for boy room decor. I love the bold color palettes that lend themselves naturally to masculinity–orange and navy, lime green and navy, brown and light blue, red and mustard yellow, etc. So when my good friend Raquel asked me to help her design her adorable son's “big boy” room, I was thrilled to oblige! I initially put together two mood boards for her, and we both favored one of the boards, so we went with it, making some tweaks as we went along.

Moroccan entrance halls are stunning and if you really love this global style, you will want to show it off from the moment you enter your home. Besides, a bare entrance hall will not help the rest of your décor – make it welcoming and make a lasting impression with touches of Morocco's unique style.

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