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Has the spring itch got you?

It’;s March, can you believe it?

burlap pillow cover diy

Time for more light springy lovliness…;..

With randomly placed layers of knit.

A real edgy look to it.(And I know the raw edges will probably curl a bit after washing…;…;.but I like the thought of that.)

How to make your own??

**Originally I had the idea to make this by re-purposing a big cotton t-shirt…;..like a men’;s t-shirt. And then use the bottom of the shirt for the main skirt section and then cut strips of fabric from the rest of the shirt. I just didn’;t have one laying around…;…;.but had plenty of pink knit. But if you do have a big t-shirtmost popular housewarming gifts, this would work great as a re-purposing project. And will require less sewing. And you could even use different colors for your strips. Just a thought…;…;…;)

Start by cutting your main piece of fabric. Mine was 33 x 12 inches (to fit a 3T-4T).

Fold in half and sew along the 12 inch side.

Then you can leave the bottom hem raw or hem it under. (I hemmed it so that it wouldn’;t roll so much and at least keep the main shape of the skirt the length that I wanted.)

Then fold the top towards the inside a 1/4 inch and then fold down another 1.5 inches. Sew along the bottom fold using a zig zag stitch…;..making sure to leave an opening to insert your elastic.

Then cut strips of fabric that are 33 x 2.5 inches. (the same width as the main skirt piece). Fold in half and sew along the 2.5 inch side. I made 6 strips but you can make as many as you’;d like.

Turn the strips right side out and pin them to your skirt.

I placed them more randomly, and pretty un-even on purpose. If you’;d rather keep yours even and straight…;…;go for it!

Pin each strip with several pins all the way around.

And then sew with a zig-zag stitch along the top of each strip.

Then insert your 1 inch wide elastic…;…;and sew the ends together.

And let your little lady jump right in.

And if you have any more knit laying around, whip up a pair of leggings while the weather is still cooler. (Use the tutorial here…;..but just make them slimmer.)

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