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Every Monday, we take you on a trip to one of the places where our Crew members go treasure hunting. Today, our gypsy travels to Doncaster,?a large market town in South Yorkshiremost popular housewarming gifts, England.

Before we show you the awesome gypsy findings, let’;s have a quick history lesson…;Possibly inhabited by?earlier people, Doncaster grew up at the site of a?Roman fort?constructed in the 1st century at a crossing of the?River Don. The 2nd century?Antonine Itinerary?and the?early 5th century?Notitia Dignitatum?(Register of Dignitaries) called this fort?Danum.?As the 13th century approached, Doncaster matured into a busy town; in 1194?King Richard I?granted it national recognition with a?town charter.?In 1248, a charter was granted for Doncaster Market to be held around the Church of St Mary Magdalene, built in Norman times. (adapted from Wikipedia)

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The biggest and best traditional market in the North with some 400 shops, stalls and stands, Doncaster Market has been the heart of the town for hundreds of years.?Occupying around 25% of Doncaster’s attractively refurbished pedestrian centre, the Market precinct is truly impressive, incorporating four large indoor market halls – each with their own distinctive character – surrounding extensive and bustling outdoor markets.

On?Wednesdays,?the outdoor market area hosts an impressive antique and bric-a-brac market –; this is when the gypsy finds herself in her home environment. With plenty of undiscovered treasures around, the hunt begins…;

The most popular seem to be the various porcelain trinkets…; …;and dishes..

…;as well as various cut-crystal dishes and plates.

You can find old photos of the local mines…;

porcelain dolls…;

handmade wooden containers…;

old cameras…;

Some of the treasures are just…; unusual –; like this shoemaking formsome are beautiful –; like these almost perfectly preserved scales

the favourite finding for this gypsy here are the old books…;

…;some of them to be read, some of them to be altered but all of them to be loved and cherished…;

call me strange but…; don’;t you just love the smell of old books?

?how did he saying go? …; someone’;s junk is someone else’;s treasure…;This?definitely applies to the Wednesday flea market in Doncaster!

Thank you for stopping by!

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