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most popular housewarming gifts Natural Elements - Part 1 - Earth funny cushion covers

They offer a harmonious look which is restful and gentle on the eye and yet have their own diversity of shades, hues and intensity. Chestnut browns, terracotta and ochre yellow are within the same tonal range and therefore blend together effortlessly.

Brown is the fundamental basis for earth tones as it is a pure colour in its own right and then is used to create a wide diversity of other colours with tints and tinges of red, yellowmost popular housewarming gifts, mustard, orange, khaki, use these in conjunction with cream, beige or charcoal and you can create stunning interiors which ooze with the latest colour trends.

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Decorate your rooms with earth tones to create a welcoming atmosphere and a sense of timeliness which our eyes are used, as they are seen whenever we step out side our front doors, although they exact colour may be difficult to define they are colours which create peaceful homeliness.

If you think these colours sound too uninspiring add cool earth tones by mixing white or blue and green with basic earth colours. Think along the lines of cool stone or slate floors or washed sand to create an elegant and soothing look to your rooms.

In keeping with natural elements look for materials and fabrics which are also natural such as linen, taffeta or silk. Add plenty of different textures otherwise your rooms can look rather bland and flat, you can also add strong patterns which won't dominate as the earth colours are muted.

Striking living spaces can be created by these colour combinations, remember to think muted rather than vibrant to achieve the look. Adding as much natural light as possible will also add more definition particularly as the colours will change depending on the strength of the light coming through your windows. As such during the daytime use sheer fabrics such as voile curtains at your windows. Use tab top curtains hung from curtain poles to enable your window dressing to be beautifully incorporated within the design theme.

Further interest can be focused on your window dressing by using finding ready made curtains UK in natural linen to provide your room with a natural warmth during the night time and to prevent your privacy from being invaded; double curtain tracks make this style of window dressing simple to achieve.

I grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch country. My mom spoke "Dutch" to her brothers and sisters and lots of Dutch words and phases were used when they spoke English to us kids. ( In case you don't know about Pennsylvania Dutch - it is really a German dialect and not Dutch at all!) Schnibble (pronounced shnibble - rhymes with kibble) means a little bit of something - so it could be little bits of fabric for this quilt or little bits of paper when you cut out something or little bits of yarn or... almost anything else. The German dictionary lists the word schnippelche as a noun meaning snip, but growing up we always pronounced it schnibble...so I'm using my version.This quilt is based on string pieced quilts, but?I use the construction of each block for the "quilting." As you sew on the schnibbles, you are quilting each block. You then sew all the quilted blocks together to make a full size reversable quilt.?I have attached?photos of 2 quilts. One is made?up of 25 blue cotton ?blocks and fits on my queen size bed, the second is 16 blocks and is a lap quilt made of? purple corduroy fabrics.?

Today is my stop on the ?Quick Column Quilts?book blog hop, and I’m going to share with you a project that I made from the book. ? I’ve been crazy busy running around for the last 6 weeks or so, and it was nice to just sit down and sew something for fun.

I always have trouble storing my smartphone in the pockets of my jeans or shirt. It is almost necessary to wear some kind of jacket to safely carry my phone. Here is a solution I think works. A phonepouch on your belt. This one is made of some old T shirt scraps and a bike innertube.?extra-extra second edition second photograph shows a revised edition, witch looks a lot "cleaner". More photo's and remarks on several steps marked: "extra-extra, second edition"

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