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Good morning, my Cutting Edge Stencils fans.? Who doesn’t love a good challenge?? We certainly do! Especially one that is fun, creative and involves our stencil designs. Some talented DIY bloggers teamed up for a Winter DIY Challenge using recycled materials and a stencil pattern. The seasonal blogger challenge was originated by Carole from Garden Up Green. This time around the group was told to upcycle something using a nature-themed stencil.? Each blogger was allowed to choose a stencil design of their choice to complete their vision, and the results are amazing!? Let’s see how their projects turned out:

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1. Mobile Chicken Coop Using Flower Stencils

We are going to start off this creative challenge with a project by Carole from Garden Up Green. Her idea was to idea was to jazz up a simple but fun little mobile chicken coop. The wooden coop was already painted in red and gray.? Carole decided to stencil the Starburst Zinnia Flower Stencil around the exterior to add a touch of whimsy and flair.? After completing her projectmost popular housewarming gifts, she commented “;Finally the coop is complete and looking much fancier than it was previously.”;

2. A Starfish Stenciled Shadow Box

Next up we have Karen from To Work With My Hands. Karen had spotted a beach themed shadow box while she was out shopping that inspired her challenge project. She decided to use materials she had on hand which included a decorative shadow box that she had obtained at a thrift store.? Karen painted the Starfish Stencil on the glass of the box.? After completing her project, she commented “;Now I have my very first piece of beach decor for the restyling of my craft room.”;? We love how this turned out!

3. Wall Art With The Chrysanthemum Grande Flower Stencil

Bon Bon, the creative DIYer from Farmhouse 40 shared this awesome project. She had a piece of old wood in her barn.? For her upcycled project, she took the old wood and stenciled it with the Chrysanthemum Grande Flower pattern to make a piece of reclaimed wood wall art.? After completing her project, she commented “;This only took about 45 minutes counting drying time for the white paint on the board. ?Very easy.”;? Pretty and easy are two things we love in a DIY project!

4. A Side Table Stenciled With A Flower Pattern

Patti from Garden Matter had an impressive furniture project.? She had to replace a small side table in her living room and she found a well-loved piece of furniture for $50.? It was dated and dull so Patti decided to give it a stylish makeover using the Starburst Zinnia Flower Stencil in gold.? She had this to say about her project, ”; I like the way the gold flowers tie in with the lamp, and the gold tones in our couch.? This stencil challenge was just what I needed for this?end table makeover project. ”;

5. Wall Art Using The? Musical Notes Pattern

And last but not least we have Susan from Momcrief.? Her house is on the market but she still wanted to decorate for Valentine’;s Day.? With that in mind she browsed our stencils and fell in love with the Musical Notes Wall Art Stencil.? She decided to use the musical pattern on a mirror that she had displayed on her mantel. She painted the notes using red paint in a heart shape.? We love her stenciled love notes!

Tell us, which one of these stencil projects has inspired you the most? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

Haven’;t had enough stencil fun?

Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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