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most popular housewarming gifts The Advantages of Not being a Home-owner funny cushion covers

Not being a home-owner has many advantages, and, as more and more people are renting I thought we'd take a look at some of them – in no particular order.

No need for costly buildings insurancemost popular housewarming gifts, this is the responsibility of the landlord. You will however, have to have contents insurance.

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Home improvements are the landlord's responsibility. Landlord's have a responsibility to ensure the home meets standards (in reality many shirk this), however, there are many good landlords out there who want to keep their investment at a high standard.

If you have fully furnished you're not responsible if, for example, the washing machine breaks down, you simply have to contact the landlord or his/her representative to get it repaired or a new one.

By nature, fireplaces become the focal point of a room. If, however, your fireplace isn’t a working one, it can be tricky to come up with ways for it to feel intentional and pretty. We came up with three ideas for filling your firebox to you have a proper focal point for the holidays.

Required:Unbleached OsnaburgUnbleached muslinRed ribbon, narrow, medium, and wide widths2 snaps2 hooks and eyesStabilizerRed embroidery flossTiny red buttons (optional)This is one of my little girl’s favorite dresses. It’s based on the linen-look girls’ dresses which are popular in Russia.Start with some unbleached Osnaburg. You can usually find it sold with the muslin.? It is traditionally linen, but I’m using an inexpensive cotton. It’s a very wide weave, so it’s cool in the summer, but it also ravels. I find it much easier to finish the edges before I mess with them.

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