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Until the turn of the twentieth century, the only fabrics available were natural fabrics made from fibres which came from animal and vegetable sources. Later on synthetic fabrics became popular and clothing manufacturers started making clothes from synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, spandex and nylon.

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When choosing the clothes you buy, always keep in mind that not only the appearancemost popular housewarming gifts, style and price matters. One of the most important factors in choosing the clothes that you wear is the fabric. Before turning away clothing made from natural fabrics, you should consider the benefits of wearing them.

In a process called polymerization, chemically-derived fibres are joined together to create fabric. It requires a numerous chemicals and solvents to create any type of synthetic fabric. When wearing cosmetics and other body and hair care products most of you know that 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream. Remember, that it works almost the same way with clothing. So why should we wear something that can slowly, step by step damage our health?

Pay attention to the longevity of your clothes. You should notice that probably all of your clothes that are made from natural fabrics last longer than the synthetic ones. Synthetic fabric begins to break down more quickly, especially if you wash them often.?Natural fibre clothing can be more expensive but it surely is a great investment, because cotton, linen, wool, cashmere and other natural fabric clothes will last much longer.

Did you notice that you keep wearing some clothes over and over again and you keep avoiding others, although you just bought them and they seem to look great on your body? That is because you intuitively choose the?clothes that are made from natural fibres because your body feels better in them. Such natural fabrics as cotton, cashmere or silk feel very soft, while synthetic fabrics such as nylon or polyester are stretchy but will make you feel hot, sweaty and uncomfortable.

So next time when choosing what clothes to buy, remember to look at the label and find out what kind of fabric they are made of and not only look at the appearance.

Hello everyone, my name is Madge Gillen. I am very excited to be the guest designer for today. Before I get started I would like to thank Canvas Corp. for sending me the fabulous goodies to play with. I will be using the Farmhouse Collection for my project today. I am going to be honest, when I first saw this line I had many different ways that I was going to use this collection. However, do you ever just have an Aah Ha moment? When all of the lights come on? That is how this project came to me. I was driving down the road when the idea struck! It was simply meant to be. I actually had to pull to the closest Antique shop and purchase an Old Vintage 1954 Cookbook to complete my project.I know I am leaving you all in suspense mode so let me post a picture of the project so you can see what I am talking about. Then I will walk you through the steps so that you can recreate this if you love it as much as I do.

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This roomy section with bare fencing and only a couple of trees is crying out for an overall plan. Carol comes to the rescue, introducing softness, colour and coherence

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