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Shadow box by artist Anila Quayyum Agha

Our friend Susan Dworski recently email us a link to artist?Anila Quayyum Agha‘;s?room-size shadow box with this note:

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?Sally –; this is pretty fabulous. So simple a concept, so detailed the craft, so profoundly spiritual the effect.

And she is right. ‘;Intersections’; is large-scale shadow box composed of Moorish patterns suspended in the middle of a room. A light in the centre of the cube casts the patterns’; shadows across the space. Her beautiful room whose?layers of meaning you can read about heremost popular housewarming gifts, reminded us that shadow boxes are DIY-able.

Artist Adam Frank‘;s buy-able?oil-lamp shadow projectors cast patterns of trees and birds in flight. They illustrate?the simple?principle of a shadow box…;

…;a spot light focused on a cut-out shape or stencil will cast shadows on a wall.

Conceivably, if you had a number of Franks shadow lanterns, you could illuminate every wall of a room, to create a shadowy night forest with a campfire undertone…;

Frank has now made versions with LEDs instead of fire light. You can buy them from Uncommon Goods.

Using this principle, you could create your own templates to project all manner of patterns. Check out The Guardian’;s great piece on “;shadow sculptures“;.


Interested in creating a “;moderne”; shadow effect? ?Stay tuned!


Hi Canvas Corp Brands fans….Lynne Forsythe here today with my latest creation.

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