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You will spend an average of a third of your life sleeping. That’s a profound amount of time to spend resting, recharging, and relaxing in your bed. What many people fail to realize, however, is that the mattress you choose to sleep on can play a major role in your overall well being. Having the wrong mattress or a mattress that’s too old can cause much bigger problems than just a crick in your neck or an out-of-whack back — it can affect everything from your quality of sleep to the level of your health.

When it comes to shopping for a new mattress that’s worthy of such significant sleep timemost popular housewarming gifts, finding one that fits the bill can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, with this list of the top-rated mattresses, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you’ve chosen a mattress that can live up to your sleep demands.

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Generally speaking, review powerhouses like Consumer Reports test queen-sized mattresses, as they are the most commonly purchased. These mattresses are then subjected to a series of tests, like running a 308-pound roller over each one 30,000 times and introducing it to moisture to simulate sweat. Most tests are designed to assess the durability of each mattress and to determine how each design will hold up after being slept on for eight to 10 years.

When shopping for new mattresses, choosing between the various types can be overwhelming. On top of that, with pricing ranging from astronomically high to unbelievably low, knowing you’re getting the best mattress for your money is important. Knowing a few details about each type of mattress can aid in your shopping and decision-making process.

Now that you understand a little about the different mattress types and what goes into the mattress ranking process, it’s time to explore five of the highest-ranked mattresses.

Backed with helpful information on the what, why, and how of mattress reviews, you can go into your shopping experience with the knowledge and direction you need to make the best decision on your mattress investment.

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Washing down and feather pillows is easy. In fact, it reinvigorates them to be as fluffy as when they were new, unlike synthetic pillows. Down and feather pillows fit in any size washing machine and they come out of the wash beautifully. It’s one of the benefits of the incredible natural materials we use to fill our down and feather pillows. These natural fills are special not only for the support and softness that we love, but also for their easy maintenance.

With Mother’s day just around the corner we though it would be a great time to share this hand pint flower craft with you which doubles up as a nice Mother’s day card too!

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