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I call it, 'The Great Divide.' Your window valance needs to be 82" wide, but your home decor fabric is only 54" wide. If you just sew an additional 28" onto one side, that'll make the fabric's design repeat look totally wacky. So... do you put off sewing the valance until they come out with 82" wide fabric? No, because then you'd also have to give up sewing duvet covers, curtainsmost popular housewarming gifts, slip covers and anything else requiring fabric wider than what comes off the bolt. It's time to ask our friend, and home décor expert, Donna Babylon. She explains that when you join fabric widths to make an extra wide panel, you need to make sure it's added to either side of the center fabric piece and it's done symmetrically – the same on both sides of the center point.

For example, say you need a panel that's two fabric widths wide. Instead of just sewing two pieces together, you cut the second one in half and sew each half to either side of the full width piece. Using this method, you can make a panel as wide as you like, and it will always look dandy.

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The following tips and techniques, along with the helpful drawings, are excerpted from Donna's latest book Decorating Sewlutions: Learn to Sew as You Decorate Your Home , which you can order directly from Donna's website, More Splash Than Cash? .

For large home décor projects, such as curtains, a duvet cover, or a shower curtain, you'll almost always need more than one fabric width. Sometimes, you need both extra full and half widths. A half-width is just what it sounds like – a full width of fabric cut in half lengthwise. This should not be confused with a 'half-wit', which is someone who randomly cuts his/her fabric into itty-bitty pieces.

When joining multiple widths or half-widths of fabric, you need to determine the seam placement. This depends on what type of project you're making. Don't worry if the combined widths are slightly wider than you need. You can trim them to the correct measurement after you've joined the widths of fabric.

You can also use this method to join fabric together when you're running short and are either not willing or not able to buy more of the same print.

Excerpted from Decorating Sewlutions by Donna Babylon .

With some precautions and a game plan you can tackle this festive task.

Kid’s rooms need to meet both the parent’s and child’s needs. Fastighetsbyr?n

Designing a kid’s room can seem like a daunting task at first glance. After all, there are so many factors to take into account. On the one hand, the room needs to be a space where the child feels comfortable and believes his or her personality is reflected. On the other hand, the space needs to be functional and have elements that will stand the test of time.

Welcome back, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends! We hope had you had a creative weekend filled with stencils and awesome DIY projects.? Sometimes a small craft project can instantly update a space when a big makeover is out of the question.? For example, a unique lamp with splash of color and pattern can add a little wow to an ordinary space.? Today we’re going to show you how to stencil a designer lamp using one of our modern craft stencils.? Let’s get started…

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