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This 4th of July Printable is great for so many things! I love it as Door Decor!

One of my blogger friends, Kim from Seven Thirty Three made the cutest 4th of July Printable for you all! If you like subway art, then you’;ll swoon over this!

decorative pillow cases

If you love this onepersonalized housewarming gifts, you’;ll love my updated version.??I added a moss covered frame and adorable red, white and blue bunting. See my updated Patriotic Door Decor Here.

I printed it out on white cardstock and framed?it. ?I thought it would look so cute on my red door and I was right! I added a bit of patriotic ribbon I had left over from last year to pull it all together.

I love it when I can pull together something original for my front door so quickly! Easy!

Just to show you how versatile this printable is, I ran some iron on transfer paper through my printer with the intentions of creating a fun patriotic 4th of July t-shirt. ?Do you ever get so excited about a project, you just go for it without really thinking? ?Story of my life.?I didn’;t think I needed to read the directions, because I’;ve done this before and I’;m a smarty …;…;…;..not!

I had that baby ironed on in no time and was giving myself high fives for waiting for it to cool before peeling it off…;..one of my mistakes before. ?Who can wait?

I let it cool and then started peeling away…;…;..and there was my mistake staring me in the face!

DOH! Learn from my mistakes! When printing lettering for an iron on…;…;…;…;.REVERSE the image BEFORE you print.?

My shirt looks great if you look in the mirror…;…;…;..DOH! ?Back to square one. ?It would have been perfect! Also…;…;..take the time to trim the bottom part of the printable off. ?Live and learn right?

Now that I’;ve saved you from making some obvious mistakes, don’;t you think you should make up a few for your family?

Easy…;…;…;if you think and follow directions.

Download your copy!

Edited to add: This printable was doomed …;…;..after posting, poor Kim from 733, frantically emailed saying there is a misspelled word. A new printable has been downloaded…;…;photos are original.

I need pockets, and generally the clothes that I like at second-hand shops don't have any (or enough, or they're fake, or...). So I poked around Instructables hoping for some guidance, and didn't find much. Here's what I did, largely based on this tutorial I found.

Wall brackets are just the sort of thing you don’t know your walls are missing until you have a pair. They’re dimensional, decorative and functional. They’re incredibly versatile, and they work in small spaces and large. And if you get tired of them in one room, put them to use in an entirely different way in another room. What’s not to love?

Ok, its mid season, your living room décor is looking a little tired but you’ve got bills to pay. I’m going to help you transform the entire space for under £50. To keep it simple and therefore avoid any unnecessary costs we will split it into three parts- walls, floors and details. Walls and floors is fairly self explanatory I would have thought, details covers things like furniture, layout, accessories and soft furnishings.

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