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Your hallways offers you a limited space to partake in the newest trend of squaring. You are certainly limited in the furniture element of the practice, but there is a lot of room for small furniture and accessories to be squared and the subtle offerings in the hallways can really stand out.

Square in the hallway: One of the best ways to accomplish this is by square shelving. It's an easy way to get the square design and also have a flair of contemporary design. To make a square frame shelf all you need are four pieces of wall shelving, preferably the pieces that mount on to invisible brackets.

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Attach the shelving to the wall, it can be any size to please, you can have multiple frames so you can make them a little smaller. These small square frames will have an open or exposed middle. By placing bookspersonalized housewarming gifts, decoration, statues inside of these open spaces but placing nothing on the exterior of the shelf, you really have a focal point and unused functional space on the top of the frame that draws attention.

It is one of the tricks of new design, to have empty space that could easily be filled but instead draws attention to other furniture or pieces. You can certainly find small square pieces, such as picture frames and this gives you the freedom to have as many as you would like and of any size.

And it's a small deviation from the norm, most frames being rectangular or circular, you now have square frames and this will cause any viewer to reflect. Especially in accordance with other square pieces, a sense of pattern and recognition will develop. Pieces such as a small table stand can have a square top and/or frame base.

On top can be placed a square vase or small cheap table lamps with square bases and shades. Stencils can be placed on the wall in this pattern shape and the great thing is that with pain they can be removed when this style and trend starts to fade! It is best to commit to small and inexpensive items to complete the look.

Trends and styles change and that what can make them really fun, is that they have that temporary appeal that gives you freedom to play around with them and be creative, discovering how to incorporate them into existing design and then they can make way for the next design; using cheap rugs in your hallway an ideal example!

It's going to be very fun to do some shopping to find the smallest square items which can be placed in a hallway and, again, it takes very few of these to really make an impact. You don't need square everything in the hallway, just a few items mentioned above to really make the guest sit back, appreciate the subtle pattern and your on-trend interior design ideas!

Rich, warming spices are great colour combinations any time of the year, but especially at Christmas. The wonderful cocktail of colours brightens homes of all styles, from traditional to contemporary and can include an abundance of festive decorations or none at all and still look in keeping with the time of year. Think along the lines of mulled wine warm reds, Bucks Fizz full of flavoursome oranges with pops of lemon twist and on-trend turquoise and you'll have a beautiful eclectic mix of colours within your home!

Dear prudent people who read Prudent Baby, I need your advice. During my trip to Canton, I acquired these two adorable rocking chairs. What should I do with them?Should I leave this one as is, maybe just give the wood a dark stain? Or re-upholster?I definitely want to reupholster this one. It has a crazy 1976 bicentennial fabric. You remember, it was on your grandpa’s recliner? But should I keep the box pleat style at the bottom? It needs some type of skirt. Should I paint the wood? What color scheme? I want it to work for a boy down the road, is that not realistic? Any fabric ideas?

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