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Being square in your bedroom might not mean what you think! It's not about being reserved or conservative, it's about creating sharp angles and opening space with square design. It's a part of contemporary interior design ideas and as you have witnessed in friends homes and many businesses, it is an incredibly popular design movement of the past 10 years.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, the place where you go to feel the most comfortable and rested and safe. It's the place where you need to leave all of the days troubles behind you or, if you've had a great daypersonalized housewarming gifts, the place where you can go, fall back and think about everything that made it so great. You will want your bedroom to be as open and light and airy when you need it. Having as much space as possible is the way to achieve this and it can be accomplished in even the smallest of bedrooms, something many of us have, especially those of us living in urban environments.

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The square design is very simple and exactly what you expect it to be. It is about placing furniture in objects in sharp angle creating large open middles. A square is really just a sharp angled circle, creating a solid border and linear spaces. As with most contemporary design it is very much about simplicity and this is exactly where the square approach comes in, it is an obvious and simple design philosophy and way to tackle the room.

You will want minimal amounts of furniture as the design is at core about function and placement of objects in space. Nothing makes a room look bigger than a lack of clutter and open space. And with open space and minimal pieces, it not only allows us to more carefully pick our pieces, pick less pieces, but also pick the pieces we want. When budgets are open to include less objects, we get the things we want!

This design is about placing things is simple square or sharp angle to other objects. It is the practicality and simplicity that make sit intriguing and causes reflection. Round and curved objects and furniture are perfect to be place within the square, to break up any monotony. But remember, these round object do it when used sparingly, so pick the perfect pieces and place them where they need to be. A small chair, expensive or cheap table lamps, a vase or a yellow rug can all be small accents which contribute to the design, but help it from becoming stifling and limiting. The open space, most importantly, will allow us the feeling of room to breath and freedom to sort of swirl about in our head and create a freeing and open mood. Design is all about mood and this is perfect for you sanctuary.

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