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Valentine’;s Day puts certain images in our heads…; The main theme will be the colour red and what comes with is…; hearts, glittery cards, love notes and FLOWERS!?Whether you are going to opt for cut flowers or potted ones, maybe even cheat a little and go for the fabric floral arrangements (they are so gorgeous these days that no-one will be able to tell!)personalized housewarming gifts, we have?something for you that will add a bit of a personal touch! Are you curious yet?

Have you thought of ditching the usual plastic wrapping and ribbons?How about going a bit more natural than that? Or even…; handmade?!?

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We have something just for you –; our Canvas Corp burlap plant holders!!!The perfect cover for your live or life-like flowers and greens, especially those in an ugly plastic pot; no worries about buying a fancy pot, just cover them up with a little burlap. ?These burlap plant holders are available in 3 sizes and were designed to fit 4″; to 10″; pots. ?We realize that not all pots are the same these days, so here are the measurements for each of the holders to assist you in finding just the right one: small –; 4.5″; diameter; medium –; 5″; diameter; large –; 7″; diameter.?Made of all natural materials, they are perfect for showing off your plants both inside and out. ?These sweet holders feature two handles that you can attach a gift tag, name of the plant, flower or herb or just let them serve their original purpose, which is a quick way to pick up your beauty. ?

Our Crew member, Kimberly pimped out one of the plant holders using just a couple of products but the result…;it will make you re-think your usual flower arrangements!?

Hello! I’;m here today to share with you a real easy Valentine’;s arrangement to add some Valentine’;s love into your home…; This is plant holder is amazing and so easy to dress up for any occasion! You’;re going to love it so be sure to get a couple of the holders in different sizes to have them on hand for any occasion.

Kimberly used the following:Canvas Corp Burlap Plant Holders Canvas Corp Colored Burlap scissors fabric glue

Take a piece of red burlap, fold over and draw half of a heart along the edge. Using scissors, cut the heart out while still keeping the burlap folded. You can draw and cut big and small hearts that way and keep going until you cut out the desired amout of hearts.

Now arange the hearts onto the bag and glue them down using fabric glue.

To finish, put some flowers or a cute plant into your adorable valentines bag and your romantic piece of decor is ready for display.You could also use it as part of your Valentine’;s Day gift by adding a small note or a handmade V-Day card to your loved one.

Have a great day!

–; Kimberly –;

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