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By popular demand, Mary Beck’;s instructions for her Grandmother’;s Flower Garden block?– stitched entirely on her embroidery machine. If you’;re in Tucson this winter, check out her class at The Sewing Room. Jo

Here’;s how I created the machine-applique design for my machine-cut and -appliqued Grandmother’;s Flower Garden quilt in BERNINA DesignWorks Software. The applique pieces are cut using the BERNINA CutWork Tool, then embroidered in place by machine. Looks like a pieced blockpersonalized housewarming gifts, but stitched in a fraction of the time!

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Open a New?Design

? If you have just opened the CutWork software, click on Next in the wizard. Otherwise, select File >; New.

? In the Fabric dialog box, click Next.

? In Artwork Source select New Graphic.

? From the Hoop drop down selection, choose BERNINA Large Oval 255 X 145, #44C. Click Finish.

Create a Hexagon

? Select Create Polygon. If the polygon shape is not showing click on the black triangle in the lower right corner and choose the polygon from the fly out menu.

? In Tool Options, enter “6” for number of sides and 90 for start angle. This orients the hexagon with a point at the top.

? Hold CTRL SHFT with one hand and left click and drag on the design screen to create a hexagon shape.

? Press the space bar to select the hexagon.

? Deselect Proportional in Tool Options.

? Change width to 38.87 mm and height to 44.87 mm.

? Rotate 90 degrees.

? Enter “0” for X axis and “45” for Y axis.

? Click on None in the Fill Tab of Object Properties.

? Save as “Hexagon Shape”.

Create a?Hexagon Array

? Select Create Circular Array.

? In Tool Options make the following changes:

o Start Angle: 90°

o End Angle: 90°

o Step Angle: 60

o Step Count: 6

o Check Clone Objects and Clockwise.

? Six hexagons should be on your screen.

? Click on the node at the center of the original hexagon (at the top of your screen).

? Hold the Shift key and drag the top hexagon down until all of the hexagons are slightly overlapping. Release the mouse first, then the shift key.

? Click on Apply Circular Array. The size should be about 110 mm wide and 114 mm high (give or take a mm or so).

Weld the Array

? While everything is selected click on Weld Shape in upper tool bar.

? Save as “Hexagon Array”.

Create the?CutWork File

? While everything is selected choose Cutwork in Object Properties.

? Next select Auto Border in the side toolbar.

? In the dialog box make the following selections:

o To the Outside

o Distance: 1mm

o Type: Running.

o OK

? Right Click and select Break Apart.

? Select center hexagon and delete by pressing the delete key on keyboard. This deletes the running stitch on the inner hexagon.

? Move Layer 2 in Sequence Manager to position 1 by clicking and dragging.

? Save as Hexagon_Cut. Export to machine and cut.

Create the Appliqué File

? Delete Layer 1 in Sequence Manager.

? Save as Hexagon_App.

? Select design.

? Select Fill Tab in Object Properties and choose Appliqué.

? Place a check in Cleaning and select Laser Cut from the drop down menu.

? Select Outline Tab and click on Running. Choose Stitch #132. Save.

? Select Create Bezier Shapes in side tool bar.

? Left click first on a corner of the inner hexagon and then on a valley of the outer hexagon. Right click to set. Repeat to make 6 lines dividing the larger hexagon into 6 equal smaller hexagons. It is important to go from inside to outside so that the directions of the decorative stitching are all the same.

? Press the spacebar to deactivate the drawing tool and select the lines.

? While the lines are selected choose Stitch #132.

? Select all. Change Stitch Length to 4.0. Save.

? Export to BERNINA CutWork-compatible machine.

? Complete cutwork and applique following the on-screen prompts.

Here at Unison we’re committed to working with vendors that provide a high level of craftsmanship and quality products. Did you know our throw pillows are?handprinted and sewn in the USA?

This is my first instructable, so please bear with me. As a train commuter i always enjoy a bottle of fresh water, so a few years ago i made an insulated dress for my plastic bottle. Now i decided to step up a level and make an insulated backpack pocket for my lunch. So a thermal bag tailored on my backpack pocket, which could fit my bento and a half liter bottle.

I’ve had a wonderful time this year as part of the Rhonna Designs Design Team! ?I’ve really looked ?forward every month to dreaming up a project using her awesome digital designs.

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