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Use coloured spot-lights on randomly placed on a main wall. Use colour which compliment your decorating palette to achieve a stylish and harmonious look.

Natural light is free so use it in abundance! Let light flood into your rooms whenever possible, use reflective surfaces which lets the light bounce around the room to create a stunning style.

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A single statement floor lamp can effectively add a designer look to a living room.

Chandeliers are on-trendpersonalized housewarming gifts, but they can be expensive. Make your own using plain, exposed light-bulbs.

Hello! My name is Karisa, I'm the gal behind the blog Petite Modern Life, and I'm so excited to be sharing on DTLB for the second time!

While the division lines are clearly drawn between dog lovers and cat enthusiasts there can be no doubt that Britain is an island of pet lovers. Our homes just wouldn’t be the same without our furry friends- rabbits, rodents, guinea pigs, even squirrel monkeys are getting a look in these days! And while they are all cute as can be, and lots of fun to care, for they do all unfortunately bring with them a distinct trail of devastation!

If you have ever owned a portable chair, tent, or other outdoor equipment then you have probably experience the difficulty of putting that item back into the bag it came in. Perhaps the bag has been lost, torn or is just too tight of a fit. This is especially true with tents. These instructions will show how to make a bag for the portable chair but it will also show alternatives to make an easy cover for dutch ovens, sleeping bag or other equipment. Canvas works well because is durable, sturdy and easy to sew with. If you want to make it water proof you can use waxed canvas or industrial nylon.

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