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We all know the importance of recycling and we all want to do our bit to help the environment. So, with National Recycling Week just around the corner (from Monday 12th?November for those who don’t know), we’re here to help you make small changes in and around your home to make recycling easier, and to help you do your bit to protect our environment.

Bins designed with dual compartments for separating your recyclables from your normal waste are ideal. They make recycling simple and are designed to reduce cluttering and to maximise your space.

pillow cases floral

It’s also a great idea to keep a separate bin in each room for recycling. Earlier this year, WRAP launched a campaign to increase the amount of recycling we do in the bathroom.It’;s good to know, many of our bathroom products can be easily recycled! However, they tend to?get thrown in a bin with other rubbish.

WRAP offer many easy solutions for this:

You could also try the Joseph Joseph Split Bathroom Bin to save space.

With the weather (finally!) starting to warm uppersonalized housewarming gifts, one great way to help save energy is to use the power of nature. Use the summer breeze to dry your washing. Instead of putting the heating on, use an outdoor airer to dry your laundry; it has the same drying effect, it will help you save money and it is much better for the environment.

You could even buy a Brabantia outdoor airer.? By buying a Brabantia outdoor airer you help to support their campaign, Love Nature – every time someone purchases an outdoor airer from Brabantia, they will plant a tree.

Not only helping you to save money during colder months, thermal curtains are great for reducing the amount of energy you use as they help keep your home insulated, keeping the warmth in and the cold out, meaning you don’t need your heating on as high or for as long.

In the heat of the summer, a cooling fan might be all you want, however, we recommend using blackout curtains. These will help block out the suns warming rays keeping your home perfectly cool without using unnecessary energy.

Although only a small change in reducing your energy output, every small difference counts.

Top Tip: Start by asking yourself ‘;do I need it?’; and ‘;can I use something else?’;

Instead of constantly buying disposable plastic bottles from shops, why not carry around a stylish?reusable drinks bottle?instead?! It’;s much more cost effective and will reduce your disposable plastic useage.

Although it can seem easier to wrap our lunches in cling film or to keep our sandwiches fresh in disposable sandwich bags, its much more environmentally friendly to transport your lunch in a lunch box or a reusable lunch bag. Not only do they keep your food cool and fresher for longer but they help protect our environment from plastic pollution. Many lunch boxes come with reusable cutlery too, preventing the need for disposable plastic alternatives.

When doing your weekly shop be aware of the packaging on the products you are buying. Where you can, avoid food items with plastic wrapping or plastic packaging. If you’re concerned about how to keep your food fresh without the plastic wrapping once opened, simply empty your food into air tight containers.

Plastic straws. They are definitely not a necessity. Although many venues switching to paper or cardboard straws, or removing them as an option completely, one thing we can easily do to help is to simply decline when offered a straw.

Try to avoid fabrics with plastic microfibres such as polyester, and opt for other fabrics instead. Cotton is a great alternative and modal fabric is even better, using 10-20 times less water in its cultivation than cotton.

Top Tip: If you prefer polyester materials but still want to help the environment, check ways the plastic microfibres can be caught and collected in your washing machine to prevent them entering drains.

Another great way to help end plastic pollution is by supporting the Ocean Cleanup campaign. You can do this simply by buying a Brabantia NewIcon bin. For every bin bought, Brabantia will make a donation to the Ocean Cleanup who are working to develop advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. This bin is also made from 40% recycled materials, so you can feel even more proactive with this purchase!

There are so many good tools and notions made for the task of binding that you can pretty much choose your own binding adventure! Binding is not only a technique used for quilts, it can be used as a way to finish the edge of several crafty projects too. My recent knitting hobby has me buying lots of new knitting needles and they were starting to accumulate, so it was time to find a place to keep them.

From decorations, to napkins to quilts here’s a round up of 25 things you can sew to get into the Thanksgiving Spirit!

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