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We love embellishing projects with gorgeous ribbons. One reason is that we have such amazing choices from our friends and sponsor, Renaissance Ribbons. Another is because ribbons inject wonderful color and texture. Third, they're very easy to work with. Since we use them often, we're always thinking about new and unique ways to apply them. Today's quick tip shows you how to use standard piping cord to make ribbon pop off the surface.

We show a variety of widths and positioning below, but the basic technique is the same on all. You'll need a Zipper foot. Andpersonalized housewarming gifts, if your machine allows you to easily adjust the needle position, like our Janome Memory Craft 9900?does, you'll be ahead of the game. This feature makes it faster to move from the outer edge stitching to the inner stitching along the piping cord.?

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We held our ribbons in place with pins, removing them as we stitched. As shown in the ingredients photo below, you could also use a fusible seam tape.

Our preferred thread for ribbon application is an invisible thread. We feel it gives the best look, and you don't have to re-thread when changing from one color of ribbon to another.?

For best results, you may need to loosen your upper tension slightly. It's also a good idea to lengthen your stitch and sew at a slow and even pace. This type of thread does not stretch as well as regular thread and can break more easily under pressure, especially if it accidentally slides off the spool and wraps around the spool pin. Using a spool cap against the spool helps hold it in place on the pin, and again, going slowly and evenly helps the thread to feed correctly off the spool. Finally, always sew in the same direction along both sides of the ribbon. This will help prevent any shifting and puckering.?

If you'd prefer not to use invisible thread, choose colors to?very closely match your ribbon, and take the time to re-thread as often as needed to maintain that perfect match.?

Our sample Renaissance Ribbons include:

1?" Purple/Pink Yarrow Flower by Anna Maria Horner?

1?" Blue &; White Camel Blanket from the Hapi collection by Amy Butler

1?" Ecru Garland on Red by French General

?" Pink on Gray Floral Tiles by Laura Foster Nicholson

?" Yellow on Gray Floral Tiles by Laura Foster Nicholson (temporarily out of stock)

?" Blue &; Pink Zig Zag by Anna Maria Horner

Sally Schneider

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